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Ammo Sealing

  • Versatility of working with high number of different calibers with easy tooling exchange within 30-60 minutes per caliber.
  • Simultaneous/automatic dispensing & sealing of bullet primer and outer mouth cartridge
  • Dual UV/Anaerobic cure mechanism within just few seconds
  • Fluorescent sealant formulations for quality control purposes
  • Explosion compatibility with most known propellants


Blank Ammunition Sealant

  • Single Component application with rapid ultraviolet or light cure (Hernon grades: 53491, 53162, 52051, 47374, 48641)
  • UV Fluorescence for inspection
  • Brazilian military approval of Hernon grade 47374
  • Israeli military approval of Hernon grade 48641
  • ATK positive results testing of Hernon Grades 48642 and Hernon grade 47374
  • Solvent free

Hernon Manufacturing has long been a leader in adhesives and sealants for the ammunition industry. Custom military applications are the root of Hernon’sexistence. In recent years the ammunition industry, like other facets of manufacturing, has become increasingly more sophisticated. They face the same concerns as other industries regarding sustainability and ecological responsibility in an environment of increased competition. Hernon has introduced a specialized web site addressing products for this industry at This site features products including outer waterproofing, identification, primer sealant, blank sealant, and process equipment. You can view videos of custom dispensing solutions that Hernon has developed for large munitions producers. In the future, Hernon is planning more engaging content for designers and buyers on this site.


  • Founded in 1978
  • Wide selection of adhesives and sealants for primers and cases
  • Designs and builds precision dispensing solutions for turnkey, single-source-responsibility systems
  • Experience with enhancing processes and cost savings
  • Products, standards and services that meet or exceed the rigorous manufacturing requirements demanded by worldwide customers. ISO-9001 Registered
  • Worldwide network of trained distributors
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Hernon's Autosealer 5250 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:27

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Hernon Autosealer 5250 is a sealing machine engineered to dispense primer on to shotgun ammunition. Utilizing Hernon's Sureshot 3500 Microjet Technology, the machine is capable of dispensing 6000 shots per minute of one microliter each.  This precision, no contact, high speed dispensing is a result of the companies persistent commitment to quality and thorough testing.


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Hernon's Autosealer 5500 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:09

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Autosealer 5500
Hernon Manufacturing's Autosealer 5500 ammunition sealing system is designed to dispense micro precision beads of Hernon sealant onto each cartridge/bullet interface and onto each cartridge/primer interface.  UV  anaerobic sealants dispensed via Hernon digital Sureshot dispensing  systems for precision sealant fluid control and consistency.  Hernon’s precision digital dispense system is capable of delivering volume doses with extreme accuracy coupled with the ability to digitally link the dose volume with a secondary rotary and or linear motion for a digitally controlled surface speed.

Hernon’s Sureshot precision digital dispense systems will have precision X, Y, and Z slide for manual adjustment allowing for small changes in needle geometry, timing, cartridge caliber, temperature and viscosity.  Cartridges will be transported using adjustable rotary dial for dispensing and UV cure.

Cartridge sealant assembly sequence cycle time is 0.2 second each @ 300 PPM.  Machine system speed is dependent on input feeding system and cartridge size. Hernon Manufacturing will make every reasonable attempt to enhance and facilitate the equipment operation for reduced machine cycle time. 

Hernon Ultraspot 1000 and fiberoptic Lineshot technology utilized for instant curing of visible sealants. UV lamps will have automatic lamp shutter that protects live ammunition if sealant conveyor stops and lamp shut down if machine is not initiated or remains idle for 5 minutes.   

Machine controlled via Yaskawa motion controller.  Operator interface will have a color touch screen with menus and prompts to aid the operator’s navigation throughout.  Operator controls to include a microscope view of primer dispense needle for machine set-up and operation.  Mechanical system designed to be easily cleared of adhesives, sealants and debris.

Machine guard framing designed from IPS / Bosch type materials.  Heavy-duty machine base / frame constructed via welded steel tubing.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:56
Hernon Sureshot 3500 micro-jet ammunition sealing system PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 April 2012 15:49

Hernon's Sureshot 3500 micro-jet ammunition sealing system

(Right click to save - Left click to view)

Last Updated on Friday, 27 April 2012 16:01
Ammunition Sealing Guide PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 May 2011 16:53


  • Everything you wanted to know about ammunition sealing but were afraid to ask.

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New Shot Shell Crimp Sealant PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 May 2011 16:38

Shot Shell Crimp Sealant

  • Superior water resistance
  • Tighter weather resistant seals
  • Faster sealing times

Last Updated on Friday, 06 May 2011 16:52
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Custom Dispensing Solutions

  • Over 30 years of custom equipment creation
  • All equipment created to the highest of standards

Primer Sealants

  • Solvent Free
  • Ultraviolet light florescence for inspection

7 mm Blank PC-53-1

  • Capable of sealing 1000 rounds per minute
  • Synchronized positive displacement